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Our workshops assist you in

Physical Health

Each Vihangam Yoga workshop in USA consists of Yoga or Pranayama or the combination of the two in addition to its proven meditation practice. After all, health is wealth. Health guidance in Swarved:
Nindra Bhojan Niyam se, Nahin Nyunaadhik hoy | Samayvadh saadhan chalei, sang saath nahin koy ||
Swarved 4/8/11

Mental Health

Indriya Ashwa Aru Mann Rajoo, Budhi Saarthi Jaan | Atmarathi Rath Deh Hai, Trigun Bhav Path Gyaan ||
Swarved 5/10/9
The master of Vihangam Yoga – Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj explains how the human being functions. In a beautiful analogy, he says the body is like a chariot wherein horses are our organs of the body, rein is of mind. The charioteer is nothing but the intellect and the living being – the spirit is the rider.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health relates to the core of our existence and true ambitions of human life. What are we? We are a conscious entity. A conscious entity that we are ideally does not need to be dependent on inert objects for the peace and bliss in life. Attaining the state of natural peace and bliss is the core subject of spiritual health. Are you spiritually healthy? Notice if you have any of these symptoms:

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About Us

Welcome to NAIVY (North America Institute of Vihangam Yoga). NAIVY is an autonomous organization registered in USA. NAIVY established its root in US in the year 2008 and is functional across various states of US since then. Through NAIVY, we try our best to pass on the divine message of Sadgurudeo for the welfare of entire human race. We conduct Yoga and Meditation workshops as well as Satsang (spiritual talk) to unravel the mystery of the science of consciousness.

Meet the Sadguru

Sadguru Swatantradeo ji Maharaj

The very special souls like Him are called upon with a purpose. It’s further proved with the fact that He used to quench the spiritual thirst of true seekers at a tender age of 5 and assumed the highest authority of Sadguru at a young age of 22 years. ” Entire world will witness the spiritual revolution of Vihangam Yoga in third generation” these words of Sadguru Sadafaldeo, proclaimed even before 1954 AD ( when He discarded the mortal frame), confirm the great glory of the present Sadguru Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj. The mankind is blessed today to have Him right here, right now, in our closest vicinity!


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