In the celebration of Sadguru Dharamchandradeo Ji Maharaj’s 100th birth anniversary 100 BMW (BMW is not car 😀, it is Brahm Muhurt Workshop) Challenge is being organized. This Challenge will run for exactly 100 days. 🙏

Start Date: 14th Nov 2019

End Date: 21st Feb 2020

How to participate in 100 BMW Challenge:

  • Meditate everyday during Brahma Muhurt time (3am to 5:30am)
  • Let us know when Done at whatsapp group : 100 BMW Challenge (Below is the link to join)
  • Only number of days (not time) will be counted.
  • Meditation during brahma muhurt(only) should be reported.
  • Done should be reported only to the assigned whatsapp group only. Confirmation at other places will not be counted.

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