Vihangam Yoga After Work Meditation

Wednesday, November 29, 20175:15 PM
The Yoga Collective
135 West 29th Street 6th Floor, Suite #603
New York, NY - 10001
+1 (646) 653-4926
Workshop Type: After Work Meditation
Vihangam Yoga Meditation Level 1

30-40 min duration session starting from 5:15 pm. Please be there before 5:15 pm.
4 sessions $40, 1 session $15

Open House on November 1st 2017

Vihangam Yoga is not only the exercise of the body and mind but it goes a step beyond to deal with the need of the soul. Vihangam Yoga is known for its incredibly powerful meditation technique. This meditation requires only 10 minutes each of regular practice twice a day, to unleash one’s true, untapped potential. Neuro-scientists at the Central Institute of Psychiatry, India have discovered that this meditation practice may provide one with high levels of awareness, consciousness and positive energy, coincident with an elevated state of peace and rest. Through the five stages of meditation in Vihangam Yoga, we go through the various experiences like – control over mind and unambiguous realization of the entities like mind, universal sounds, mystic sounds, eight chakra, Kundalini, Dasham Dwaar (tenth door), Makar Taar, the secret ninth chakra, the secret eleventh door, Akshar Brahma, Eternal Sadguru, etc. With the powerful spiritual influence of the Sadguru, the followers of Vihangam Yoga progress from the control over mind to Self Realization through the awakening of Kundalini in quick span of time and finally conclude with the ultimate goal – the realization of the supreme being.

Key Research on Vihangam Yoga Meditation

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