Meditation Workshop @ Ved Mandir on 3rd Feb 2018

Saturday, February 3, 201817:30:00
Ved Mandir
1 Ved Mandir
Milltown, NJ - 08850
+1 (646) 653-4926
Workshop Type: Meditation
Vihangam Yoga Meditation Agenda
1. Pawanmukta asana
2. Pranayama
3. Vihangam Yoga Meditation level 1 learning & practice

Abstract of the demonstration
  1. QSBTM: Accumulation of consciousness – a quick stress buster
  2. Interactive Experiments with audience to identify and understand Mind
  3. Technique to control the mind
Dr Kumar Hemant Singh works as an Associate Professor at IIT Bombay in the department of Earth Sciences. He formerly worked as a scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, USA. He has taught at the University of Leeds in England and has spent nearly half a decade in Germany doing research in space physics. In addition to his illustrious career spanning more than a decade as a research scientist, he has also been closely following the Vihangam Yoga meditation both in India and abroad for the last 21 years. He has conducted numerous lectures and meditation in USA, England, Germany, France, West Indies and many cities and states in India. He explains the secret technique of Brahma Vidya Vihangam Yoga using examples from traditional spiritual scriptures and correlates meditational experiences therein to the latest scientific discoveries made by NASA and modern day medical researches. He owes all his achievements to his Sadguru and to the secret technique of Vihangam Yoga meditation.
What is Vihangam Yoga?
Vihangam Yoga is a special ancient time tested “meditation technique in its true form” which helps people move from a state of “Constant Enslavement of Mind” to “the mind full of peace and bliss”. This is the highest form of knowledge that exists in this universe, knowing which nothing remains unknown; the knowledge to learn which Kings of olden times used to go to Rishies/Maharshies and serve them at their ashramas for years.
What is there in Vihangam Yoga for me?
Numerous researches have revealed that each one of Vihangam Yoga techniques are intensely powerful and have everlasting effects on various aspects of the health of a professional.
A brief highlights of Vihangam yoga are as follows:
  • The breathing techniques act most effectively in increasing the ventilation of lungs known as the “Tidal volume”, which is often compromised in professional buildings.
  • The postural Asanas and the self-massage techniques have been found to be immediately effective in reducing the musculoskeletal problems like backache, cervical pain, ocular pain etc., increase the mobility and help in obesity and Diabetes.
  • The mantras create vibrations in the body. Along with the Vihangam Yoga concentrative meditation, they reduce the psychological stress instantly, increase the relaxation and make the individual resilient to stress-related problems.
  • The regular practice of Vihangam Yoga concentrative meditation enhances the productivity by improving individual performance by fine-tuning some key brain functions like memory, concentration and task switching abilities which also helps in vision related problems.
  • Affiliated partner of UN Habitat Life and ECOSOC for promoting world peace and harmony.
Origin of Vihangam Yoga (Estd 1924)
Ever wondered, how a Yogi confined in a cave returns back enlightened. The secret lies in an Eternal Master who seeks such true seekers and enlightens them with an eternal knowledge for their arduous penance. The same knowledge is named differently in each era when it is revived. In the early 1920s, it was for the 17 years of rigorous seeking and arduous practice that Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj was revealed with the same secret meditation by the Eternal Master Himself. He named this knowledge as Vihangam Yoga
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