The Foundation workshop (With Dr Subhash)

Sunday, March 4, 201817:30:00
Vihangam Yoga Studio
1506 Stelton Road
Piscataway, NJ - 08854
+1 (646) 653-4926
Workshop Type: Yoga
Yoga workshop agenda
1. Pawanmukta asana
2. Some major asana
3. Pranayama
4. Introduction about Vihangam Yoga

*Individual interaction with Dr Subhash during DINNER as Prasad welcome*

The Foundation session as the name suggests contains all ingredients for one to develop a complete understanding of “HOW-TO” process of Meditation. The session will comprise of:-

1. Basic Asana necessary for Meditation (30 minutes)
2.Comprehensive Chanting (15 minutes)
3. Comprehensive Breathing (15 minutes)
4. Comprehensive Meditation by Dr Subhash (1 hour)

Dr Subhash Chandra ji will share his own meditation experience and various medical findings that can inspire and enlighten us for the very critical and useful practice in life.