Vihangam Yoga Meditation Session with Dr. Kumar Hemant (Cary NC)

Saturday, May 5, 20183:30 PM
Ballroom – Cary Senior Center
120 Maury Odell Pl
Cary, NC - 27513
+1 (646) 653-4926
Workshop Type: Meditation
Vihangam Yoga Meditation Agenda
1. Pawanmukta asana
2. Pranayama
3. Vihangam Yoga Meditation level 1 learning & practice
05-May: We are FULL HOUSE for this event, 120+ registrations.

Please register for session on next day 3-5 PM on Sunday May 06, 2018

Location 2009 Crampton Grove Way, Cary NC 27519
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Ever wondered :-

What happened to Dr Hemant that he became a NASA scientist from a mediocre student?

How only 10 minutes of meditation of mind is more effective than hours of meditation in any other form?

Can 10 minutes of meditation really improve my life? How?


Dr. Hemant Ji will tell us his own experience about how VY meditation helped him transforming from a mediocre student to a NASA scientist.
We will also participate in mind-related experiments performed by another IITian Mr. Vijay Kumar who through his experiments will help us understand the true nature of Mind.

So don’t miss this great opportunity to learn a scientific meditation technique from veteran meditation practitioners AT FREE OF COST!!

Limited Seats!!
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**Note:- No kids care available and kids are allowed 12+ if they are able to follow the instructions



Dr Kumar Hemant Singh works as an Associate Professor at IIT Bombay in the department of Earth Sciences. He formerly worked as a scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, USA. He has taught at the University of Leeds in England and has spent nearly half a decade in Germany doing research in space physics. In addition to his illustrious career spanning more than a decade as a research scientist, he has also been closely following the Vihangam Yoga meditation both in India and abroad for the last 21 years. He has conducted numerous lectures and meditation in USA, England, Germany, France, West Indies and many cities and states in India. He explains the secret technique of Brahma Vidya Vihangam Yoga using examples from traditional spiritual scriptures and correlates meditational experiences therein to the latest scientific discoveries made by NASA and modern day medical researches. He owes all his achievements to his Sadguru and to the secret technique of Vihangam Yoga meditation.