Vihangam Yoga Masters

Sadafaldeo at a tender age of 11 embarked on pilgrimages to quench the spiritual thirst. After many years of unflinching practice of all yoga, mantra chanting, meditation and so on, one day he saw a sublimely radiant effulgence in his room and heard a mesmerizing soothing voice, ”These practices cannot connect you to the Eternal Bliss. It’s a wondrous path, different from all the popular practices.” After 17 years of toilsome practice, the owner of that voice appeared in His divine effulgent form and blessed Sadafaldeo with supreme authority of Sadguru. He was none other than the Eternal Sadguru Himself, who has a mention in all the spiritual scriptures as the immortal, eternal spiritual master. Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj established The Institute of Vihangam Yoga in 1924 AD with the sacred mission of spreading the same wondrous path for benevolence of the mankind. Sadguru said, ”Wondrous is the path of Vihangam Yoga that I’ll preach you.Follow it sincerely and take my words: I,with my authority, will connect you to the Eternal Bliss.” A sadguru is the one who has the practical experience of Brahma Vidya and who can empower a deserved disciple with the same. After Sadguru Sadafaldeo left His mortal frame, His able disciple Acharya Sri Dharmachandradeo Ji Maharaj carried forward the divine light for 15 years. The most important task that laid before him was to write the commentary of the most revered and unique scripture, “The Swarved”. It can be safely said “The Swarved” is the only book of its kind in the whole world that contains all the secrets of Brahmavidya (Brahma Gyan), the Spiritual Science, that hitherto remained completely obscured beneath thick layers of secrecy of the verses of the Vedas, Upanishads and other Holy scriptures. It undisputedly is the only book that clearly enlightens the path leading to the unification of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness, the Almighty, Omnipresent and Infinite Supreme Soul. Without his commentary, the entire mankind would have remained deprived of the divine light of Brahma Vidya. The third harbinger in this series is the present Sadguru Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj. The very special souls like Him are called upon with a purpose. It’s further proved with the fact that He used to quench the spiritual thirst of true seekers at a tender age of 5 and assumed the highest authority of Sadguru at a young age of 22 years. ” Entire world will witness the spiritual revolution of Vihangam Yoga in third generation” these words of Sadguru Sadafaldeo, proclaimed even before 1954 AD ( when He discarded the mortal frame), confirm the great glory of the present Sadguru Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj. The mankind is blessed today to have Him right here, right now, in our closest vicinity!