Vedic Yajna for Health and Mental peace, on the occasion of Holi and Purnima

When: March 28, 2021 - 8:00 am EST
Raj Gupta

“Yajna” The path of Divine Blessings

यज्ञो वै श्रेष्ठतमं कर्म ” (Yagno Vai Shreshthatamam Karma)
– Bhagwat Gita

What you can achieve from Yajna?
Vedas says that Almighty has given the tool to human being in the form of Yajna to conduct the prosperous and happy life. Without harming to any living being and nature, human being can fulfil their pious desires through Yajna.

– It fulfils our true wishes and desires It keeps our body healthy and fit
– It brings prosperity and happiness in the life
– It purifies the environment and protects it
– It unifies families, relatives and societies
– It destroys ill-will within us and pushes towards spiritualism
– It develops sense of giving, renouncing and submitting
– It provides courage to face challenges and peaceful mind in hard times

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