How could I miss leveraging such an amazing science? – This is what you will have to say after you explore just a little about Yoga. Vihangam Yoga is the true yoga in entirety which is a technique for the complete physical, mental as well as spiritual health. Well, It provides much more.. Beyond health, Yoga has a wider dimension of wisdom and knowledge. Yoga and Knowledge? Sounds disconnected but actually it is not. To your surprise, Yoga is not limited to making physical poses and performing quick and relieving breathing exercises but Yoga in true sense is about uniting the self-consciousness with the all-pervading supreme consciousness through the technique of Meditation. Thus it is more about dealing with the science of consciousness. In Yoga as prevalent today, its dimension of consciousness has gone into oblivion. This is why the dimension of knowledge and wisdom that is supposedly an important outcomes of Yoga is unimaginable by the instructors and practitioners of Yoga these days. Vihangam Yoga comes to rescue the true Yoga by reviving the lost science of consciousness.

Here are few basics that might interest you in exploring more:

Q: What is Yogasana?
Ans: Physical Poses that help sustain the health of the body

Q: What is Pranayama?
Ans: It is a breathing exercise. They are of various types and they cater to again physical as well as mental health.

Q: What is meditation?
Ans: Meditation truly is the subject of consciousness. When an individual consciousness establishes connection with supreme conscious entity, it is the state of meditation. In meditation, an individual is aware of the self, the practice of concentration as well as the target entity one is concentrating on.

Q: What is Dharna?
Ans: Prior to meditation, comes the practice of Dharna in which one learns to focus mind onto a physical subject outside or inside. Meditation deals with consciousness whereas Dharna deals with the focus of mind.

Q: What is Yoga?
Ans: Union of an individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness that pervades all. Such a true Yoga is achieved through the process of meditation.

Q: What is the result of Yoga?
Ans: One becomes omniscient, all blissful and detached from all sorrows of life. One obtains the never lasting peace and bliss.

Q: What is Consciousness?
Ans: Desire, Knowledge and Effort are the characteristics of consciousness. A body is live only till the consciousness runs through. All living species have the consciousness from the soul. There are four types of entities who are purely conscious in nature and not made of matter. They are Soul, Akshar, Eternal Sadguru and Supreme Soul. Soul is infinite in numbers whereas latter three are each only one. Consciousness and the conscious entities cannot be realized by the five sensory organs.

Q: How to realize consciousness?
Ans: Through the process of Vihangam Yoga meditation, one awakens the dormant sense of consciousness and once awakened, one acquires the ability to realize the individual consciousness as well the supreme consciousness that pervades all.

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