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  • Vihangam Yoga Practitioners enjoy several spiritual experiences
  • It has been expressed as EXTREMELY PLEASURABLE
  • The person becomes calm, compassionate, can control his emotions in a unique way, lives every moment in a unique enjoyment
  • Applauded in several international journals and scientific forums

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Experimented with 12 experienced practitioners of Vihangam yoga

  • Most of the participants were married and were engaged in their individual jobs in the society (N=7), while the rest were living in an ashram.
  • The age of the participants ranged from 32-59 yrs (M=43.4yrs).
  • The duration of meditation practices ranged from 5-14 years (M=8.5 yrs) and the daily time spent in meditation ranged from 2-6 hrs (M= 4 hrs).


In a brief interview after the EEG recording, all the participants whose EEG data have been acquired so far reported inner light perception throughout the meditation session.
Visual analysis of the EEG revealed an increase in the persistence and amplitude of alpha activity during meditation compared to pre- and post-meditation EEG. Appearance of occasional bursts of theta activity lasting more than I sec. was seen only during the meditation phases


The decrease in delta and theta power and coherence observed during meditation in Vihangam yoga practitioners who participated in our study may be a correlate of the inner-light perception which they had throughout the period of meditation. As meditation is not a single psychological or physiological state, the search to find the electrophysiological correlates of mediation should focus on specific states rather than meditation as a whole.

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