Brahma Vidya” is composed of two words – “Brahma” and “Vidya”.
“Brahma” means God – the one who creates, sustains and annihilates the entire universe and
Vidya” means knowledge.

Therefore, Brahma Vidya is the ETERNAL science of consciousness that culminates into the real experience of ETERNAL God.

IN THE EXPERIENCE OF GOD,  ONE BECOMES OMNISCIENT AND EVER-BLISSFUL It is in this supremely blissful experience of God alone that the soul ends all its cravings and is showered with God’s wisdom of everything that exists – inert as well as conscious.


ब्रह्मविद्या परकाश है, भक्ति मुक्ति सुखधाम |
गाथा यह अध्यात्म है, अमत सनातन नाम || स्वर्वेद  1.1.14

Brahmavidyā parakāśa hai, bhakti mukti sukhadhāma |
Gāthā yaha adhyātma hai, amata sanātana nāma || – swarved 1.1.14

In the light of Brahma Vidya, through its practices based on consciousuness, one attains the conscious abode of supremely blissful supreme being. It is an ETERNAL and pure spiritual science, NOT a sect or anyone’s belief system. Any other stream of knowledge is NOT the eternal Brahma Vidya when there is no path to practically experience the supreme being.

Brahma Vidya is also known as Para Vidya, Madhu Vidya, Dev-yaan Path, etc. When Sadguru disappears from the earth, the Brahma Vidya is also lost. And upon his arrival on the mortal land, the same stream of knowledge re-appears in just different name.

When Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj received the same stream of knowledge from Eternal Sadguru, he named it as Vihangam Yoga.

Hence Vihangam Yoga and Brahma Vidya are one and the same.


The universe is composed of –

  1. Inert bodies made of matters and
  2. Universal consciousness pervading through all tiny and vast pieces of this creation. The minified version of creation is each living being itself composed of 1. inert body and 2. the individual consciousness.

As long as the basis to know is inert like sensory organs and gadgets made of matter, one can only dwelve in the dimension of inertness and will remain deprived of the experience of divine entities which are eternal and in conscious form.

To experience the realm of universal consciousness that contains the source of pure bliss and entire knowledge, one needs to obtain the basis of consciousness which is the subject of Sadguru and Brahma Vidya.

What is the basis of Consciousness in Brahma Vidya?

It is to see, smell, hear, taste and touch directly through the consciousness of soul breaking free from the limits of non-conscious means of mind, chitta, intellect, ego and the sensory organs. Only on the basis of consciousness, practitioner experiences conscious entities that are otherwise beyond the reach of inner and outer organs of the body. The shift from the basis of sensory organs and mind to the basis of pure consciousness does not happen without Sadguru

Brahma Vidya is ETERNAL, so is its master called SADGURU. without Sadguru, it is not possible to practice Brahma Vidya.

आगे द्वारा बन्द है, भक्ति भेद बहु भेद |
बिन  सद्गुरू की भक्ति के, प्रभु की  भक्ति न वेद || –स्वर्वेद  2.8.7

Āgē dvārā banda hai, bhakti bhēda bahu bhēda |
Bina sadgurū kī bhakti kē, prabhu kī bhakti na vēda || -swarved 2.8.7

SURRENDER TO SADGURU FOR BRAHMA VIDYA The ETERNAL SADGURU or His elect- the human form of Sadguru alone has the capacity to awaken the basis of consciousness within you and it is His energy alone through which you would sail through achieving the union with Almighty in the process of Brahma Vidya.

Therefore, for the smooth ride in Brahma Vidya, one must find and surrender to the TRUE supreme master – The Eternal Sadguru or His elect.

All that is born, also dies. All that has beginning, would also have an end. This is why any creation whether a tiny body or the vast mountain is ever changing and perishable. However what never cease to exist are the entities that are in conscious forms. The four conscious entities that are the prime subjects of exploration in Brahma Vidya are:-

  1. Individual Consciousness or Soul (infinite in numbers)
  2. Akshar Brahma – The cosmic executor (only one)
  3. Eternal Sadguru – in his conscious form (only one)
  4. Bliss incarnate – the conscious form of Almighty God (only one)

In the process of knowing these, one also knows the entire creation that is governed by the consciousness.

Swarved written by Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj states:

चेतन चार स्वरूप है, जड़ है एक असार |
जड़ चेतन से रहित है, एक बाँध संसार || स्वर्वेद 1.1.8

Cētana cāra svarūpa haiṁ, jaṛa hai ēka asāra |
Jaṛa cētana sē rahita hai, ēka bām̐dha sansāra || – swarved 1.1.8

There are six eternal entities of exploration in Brahma Vidya of which four are conscious, one is inert creation and the sixth one is Kaal (that counts time)

These entities are eternal, the Master Sadguru is eternal and so is the knowledge of Brahma Vidya which is revived in the mortal land in each era by the advent of Sadguru – the messenger of almighty.

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