Vihangam Yoga” is composed of two root words – “Vihag” and “Yog“.  Vihag literally means “bird” and Yog means “union“. Thus, Vihangam Yoga is a bird way of achieving union of a soul with supreme being.  Just as a bird leaves its base on the earth to fly high in the sky independent, so does Vihangam Yoga enable the human Soul to cut off its moorings in the Prakriti (phenomenal world) and realize its true and free nature. It is only in this free state of soul detached from “Mind”, “Indriya” and ever transient subjects of this creation that the soul is able to unite its individual consciousness with the universal consciousness of supreme being and realize ever lasting peace and bliss.

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Vihangam Yoga is well known for its incredibly powerful meditation technique. It unleashes the hidden potential of the practitioner in a very short span of time. The discoveries on this technique by the neuroscientists at CIP Ranchi and Bergamo University (Italy) show astounding results. It is so powerful that it requires only 15 minutes of regular practice to give all the benefits. Few more researches are being conducted at other institutions in India, Russia and USA.

We are a soul but what we identify ourselves with is the identity tagged to the body. To break this false impression about who I am, Vihangam Yoga divides its practice of Meditation in five stages.

The very initial stages of this practice are seen to provide a noticeable improvement in several important aspects of life, e.g. concentration, very fast release from tension, anxiety, anger, addictions etc. The moral values improve. A regular practitioner experiences many spiritual events as well.

As we progress in this practice, we slowly learn to gather our consciousness from outside to inside. As our consciousness progresses inward, it gradually discards the impression of the body in first three stages of Meditation, and passes beyond breath and mind to realize the true nature of the soul in the fourth stage.  Finally, the real union of soul with supreme being is realized in the fifth stage of Vihangam Yoga.

The Origin of Vihangam Yoga

Ever wondered, how a Yogi meditating in an isolated cave returns enlightened? What starts thriving in a yogi that the state of restlessness, anxiety, emptiness, confusion, etc transforms into a state of total peace and bliss?

The secret lies in an Eternal Master who seeks such true seekers and enlightens them with an eternal meditation knowledge known as Brahma Vidya.

Brahma Vidya is the ancient wisdom of Eternal Master which was practiced by Indian seers and sages. The same was also known as Madhu-vidya and Para Vidya in the Indian ancient most scriptures and Vedas. However, when the preachers of this knowledge leave the mortal frame, the secret knowledge is not as easily available to common people as when human incarnation of Sadguru exists. It is then left on the mercy of Eternal Master who appears in front of true seekers and enlightens them with Brahma Vidya on being pleased with their arduous seeking.  In the early 1920s, it was for the 17 years of rigorous seeking and arduous practice that Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj was revealed with the same Brahma Vidya technique by the Eternal Master. Under the guidance of Eternal Master alone, Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj re-established the practice of Brahma Vidya for the benovelence of human kind and named it as Vihangam Yoga.

Thus, Vihangam Yoga is-

  • The Brahma Vidya through which Atma-Sakshatkaar (realization of who I am) and God Realization happens.
  • The science of consciousness
  • The art of controlling the ever wavering Mind
  • The art of attaining the state of true peace and bliss
  • The eternal technique to end the cycle of life and death
  • The art of discarding the body at will (The death of “Death”) defying the death.
  • The Eternal knowledge of the Eternal Master (Nitya Anadi Sadguru)
  • The ship to take the seeker Soul to its ultimate destiny – God after which the ever pursuit of “More” ends.

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