Free Workshops

In this fast pace and busy life, we need some way to re-energize or recharge ourselves. NAIVY conducts almost FREE workshops so that more and more people should be able to take benefit of this ancient most Vedic meditation technique. NAIVY is offering DAILY ONLINE SESSIONS to benefit humankind.


Covid-19 prevention drive

NAIVY donated 786 handmade masks. During the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, we gathered materials and volunteers stitched masks and we donated them to Saint Peter’s Healthcare System. These masks helped the medical professionals in fulfilling their duties.


Food Donation

Around 600 lbs of food donated in PA and Virginia. NAIVY donates to Hands of Hope in NJ as well. NAIVY also actively participates in the various food drive across different parts of the country. NAIVY co-ordinates with the food banks and acts as helping hands for them.


Blood Donation

NAIVY has run and hosted blood donations in past and will continue to organize such events.


Toys and Books donation

NAIVY is now running a toys and books donation program for underprivileged children and orphans. The objective is to donate toys and books following the guideline of the Hospitals and orphans care and fulfilling their wish list.


Cultural Services

Glimpses of Vedic hawan (Yajna) program – An ancient and scientific way of atmospheric detoxification. Vihangam Yoga Organization conducts Vedic Yajna programs at various parts of the Country that helps in:- Bringing rain, removing foul odors, insects and bacteria, curing chronic diseases, etc.


Bring peace to the world by bringing peace to those around you

      – Sant Shri Naamdeo