Sadguru’s nectrous discourse

Bliss, peace, wisdom, Samadhi, salvation, love and devotion – one saint that embodies them all is Sadguru Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj. His nectrous discourses have power to transform a wicked to a saint, an ignorant to an enlightened and a bhogi to a yogi.

Satsang means the association with the truth. Satsang has a physical aspect in which one physically gets involved in a spiritual gathering and tries to understand the theory of spiritual transformation intellectually. And there is a special transformational Satsang with Sadguru himself where His words penetrate into people’s hearts and the transformation begins right then and there. The Sadguru’s speech is not only a stream of wisdom but a spiritual vibration equipped with power to transform a human’s heart. Several practitioners are pulled into deep meditation just by the touch of this special vibration filled words. It is for this special touch of spiritual atoms that a true aspirants of spirituality would always look forward to meet enlightened Sadguru at every opportunity.