Following salient features of Vihangam Yoga practice makes it unique:-

Controlling Mind

Bhagwat Gita states that with practice (Abhyas) and reclusion (Vairagya), Mind can be controlled.

Vihangam Yoga makes it a reality in the first stage of Meditation where-in we learn about the weakness of the mind, its location in the body when awake and the technique to catch the mind right at its location – Such technique of controlling the root of restlessness – THE MIND itself makes Vihangam yoga very unique from the beginning itself.

It is something like extinguishing the fire – the cause itself instead of tackling the heat.

The Swarved (Documented expression of complete experience of Meditation)

The Swarved is an epic of about 5000 couplets written in Hindi with its commentary which documents what happens in meditation right from the beginning of the journey- “controlling the mind”, to the ultimate destiny of spirituality – “union with the Almighty”.

Having very detailed documented evidence of what happens in Vihangam yoga meditation makes Vihangam Yoga very authentic, scientific and verifiable by all practitioner. Glimpses of unique details in Swarved related to meditational experience are:-

  1. The location of Mind when awake, when dreaming and when in deep sleep
  2. The mechanism of how soul, mind and indriya work together and how the consciousenss can be reversed inward from outward
  3. The food, habits and qualities that assist in Meditation
  4. The location of Panch Brahmandi Shabd: the five universal sounds (Niranjan, Aum, Soham, Shakti and Rarangkaar) where they are heard in Meditation
  5. The location of Das-Anhad: The ten mystical musical sounds like Taal, Dumph, Murali, Veena, Jhanjh, Mridang, Singh-Garjan, Shahnaayi, Jhingur, Kinkin experienced in Meditation
  6. Reaching the source of Prana where Prana is subdued and the separation of consciousness from the breath (becoming breathless)
  7. Reaching the source of Mind where Mind is subdued and attaining the “Turiya” state of pure consciousness. The very details that breath separates first before Mind makes it so experientially unique and authentic.
  8. Experiencing the vibration of the universe in Meditation and knowing the source of Vibration- The Akshar Brahma that the modern science is still struggling to understand
  9. The secret 9th Chakra beyond 8 chakras
  10. The eleventh window outside the body beyond the 10th door
  11. Makar-taar that is the flow of consciousness from Almighty to the soul
  12. The experience of how Practitioner needs to follow the track of Makar-taar to reach the subtleness of eleventh window beyond which the ultimate experience of Almighty awaits
  13. The experience of pure bliss of Almighty


The Sadguru

Do whatever you can, you cannot transcend from the realm of indriya and Mind into the realm of consciousness, without opening the secret 10th door in the body. For the same reason, Hath Yogi practices several forms of Kumbhaks, bandhs, etc for several decades to awaken Kundalini which is essential for opening the 10th door. The same is achieved in Vihangam Yoga by the magnetic power of Sadguru in no time, when one becomes a qualified disciple, with a very special pull working between the consciousness of the Sadguru and the consciousness of the soul.

When a pure soul having a flow of its consciousness in Sushmana (a deeper state of meditation) meditates in front of true Sadguru, it experiences a very strong pulling force from Sadguru. Upon sadguru changing his side, practitioner in meditation would drift unknowingly towards Sadguru’s front giving proof to an invisible force working between them.

The main credential of the master of Vihangam Yoga that none other master could have is the gift of Sadguru’s power obtained directly from the Eternal Master after which a pulling force is established between the qualified practitioner and the master

It is through this pulling force that the Sadguru is able to guide the consciousness of the soul inward in the journey of meditation from controlling the mind to the union with God in very unique process.

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