Wisdom of Swarved

Importance of Prana

Ashraya praan shareer hai, chalat phirat bal paay |
Jeev praan se prithak kar, pranak mukta karaay ||

Word Meaning: (Ashray) dependent (prithak kar) to separate

Purport: This body is dependent on Prana. It is through Prana that the soul runs this body. The soul desires to blink eyes, swing hand, walk, talk, etc and it is the forces of Prana that mechanically provide the motion to achieve all of these. The role of prana is not only in providing the forces to the parts of the body but it also plays a role in pushing the soul out of the body and in providing liberation.



Reduces Anxiety Neurotic Symptoms

Study conducted by Dr. Ravi Prakash in few rural areas and narcotics rehabilitation. Among the practitioners who continued the meditation for more than 6 months, the nicotine quitting rate was >70% and alcohol quitting rate was >50%

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Inner Light Perception A Unique Experience

Vihangam Yoga practitioners enjoy several spiritual experiences. The person becomes calm, compassionate, can control his emotions in a unique way, lives every moment in a unique enjoyment …

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Reduces Negativity

We conducted a study on 12 MBBS students who failed in a recent examination - All of them had occasional suicidal thoughts. They showed improvements after Vihangam Yoga meditation measured using the “Becks suicidal ideation scale”

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Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj established The Institute of Vihangam Yoga in 1924 AD with the sacred mission of spreading the same wondrous path for benevolence of the mankind. Sadguru said,

“Wondrous is the path of Vihangam Yoga that I’ll preach you.
Follow it sincerely and take my words: I,with my authority, will connect you to the Eternal Bliss.”

A Sadguru is the one who has the practical experience of Brahma Vidya and who can empower a deserved disciple with the same. After Sadguru Sadafaldeo left His mortal frame, His able disciple Acharya Sri Dharmachandradeo Ji Maharaj carried forward the divine light for 15 years. The most important task that laid before him was to write the commentary of the most revered and unique scripture, “The Swarved”.

The third harbinger in this series is the present master Acharya Sri Sadguru Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj. The very special souls like Him are called upon with a purpose. It’s further proved with the fact that He used to quench the spiritual thirst of true seekers at a tender age of 5 and assumed the highest authority of Sadguru at a young age of 22 years.

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