A spiritual seeker is the one who have interest in inner journey. What is the need of such a pursuit? In straight reply, inner journey is an answer to the pursuit of happiness. A spiritual seeker knows that the answer to all mysteries lies within. There are two ways to explore things in this creation.

First – Enhancing the five sensory organs by the use of physical instruments as devised by the physical science and gain access to experience that were otherwise not possible.

Second – Instead of daring to browse the limitless sky, know the science by which the limitless sky is created. Once the root knowledge of everything is known, nothing remains unknown. The first path has been chosen by the scientist of matter in an attempt to device various means to satisfy the life but have repeatedly been proven short of absolute experience, whereas the second is the path of a spiritual seeker which has the potential to explain everything happening with an individual as well as universe. After all, all spiritual texts are nothing but the evidence of the supremacy of the inner journey. Vihangam Yoga provides the technique of meditation in five stages which begins journey from controlling the mind and goes through the realization of Mind, Soul, Akshar, Sadguru, the science behind Creation and Dissolution of the universe and culminates into uniting with the all-pervading supreme consciousness. To attain a nature state of ever lasting peace and bliss is the ultimate destiny of a spiritual seeker which is availed by Vihangam Yoga through its unique science of consciousness.   To learn more, contact nearest instructors and get initiated into Vihangam Yoga.

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