(USA) Start joining weekly satsang to grow in Vihangam Yoga

Bridgeline: +1 (408) 418-9388 meeting id: 624737426
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English – Sunday 9:30am,
Hindi – Saturday 9:30am


Download Cisco Webex Meeting app and then click the below link https://meetingsamer9.webex.com/join/northamerica

Audio “Let us meditate” – guided steps for meditation

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Let us meditate

Please download Sadguru photo/Initiation Card from link below and frame it in your meditation room

Sadguru Photo
Practice Steps


  1. Practice Meditation for 7 days for 14 times and schedule another meeting after 7 days.
  2. join above bridge every weekend to stay in touch with Satsang and ask questions in Satsang
  3. We shall learn the full version of practice after 7 days.

Contact us

+1 646-NJ-DHYAN (+1 646-653-4926)