In straight answer, you are yet to explore mind, its origin and the process to subdue mind at its origin so as to rise above mind and gain access to consciousness and entities of consciousness. Yoga and Pranayama are primarily a practice for physical and a bit of mental health. However when it comes to attaining the complete mental and spiritual health, Just Yoga and Pranayama are not enough.

Yoga truly means union – the union of limited consciousness of the self with the universal consciousness. Such a union is possible only after one attains the experience of the self through the spiritual experience called Atma-Sakshatkaar or Self-Realization. To be able to realize the entities of consciousness, one needs to subdue the mind and rise free from the field of mind.

To most novice’s surprise, mind is an entity that one can experience. It works with only one organ at one point of time. It is neither conscious nor an inert. It is of Agantuk Chetan type as known in Vihangam Yoga that means an entity that derives consciousness. The origin of mind is Akshar which is another super conscious entity and through the practices of Vihangam Yoga meditation, one learns how to raise mind to its origin and subdue there.

The true journey into the realm of consciousness begins henceforth which is the matter of true experience beyond expression. An expression may be biased but experience is absolute. Not everything is expressible. There are subjects and entities that can be known only through direct experience. Vihangam Yoga unfolds such inexpressible wisdom and experience.

If you are really willing to know secrets of Mind, Soul, Akshar, Sadguru and Supreme Soul and the mystery of creation and dissolution of the universe, please contact the nearest instructors of Vihangam yoga to start your journey

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