Sant Pravar Shri Vigyan deo Ji

The title “Sant Pravar” literally means the foremost saint. In true spiritual context, a saint is the one whose consciousness is always connected to the Divine. Sant Pravar Shri Vigyan deo Ji possesses a charismatic personality, yet extreme simplicity.

He was born in year 1978 in Ballia, UP in the holy lineage of Shringi Rishi as the great grandson of H.H. Sadguru Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj, the grandson of Pratham Parampara Sadguru Shri Dharmachandradeo Ji Maharaj and the elder son of Sadguru Acharya Shri Swatantradeo Ji Mahraj.

Geeta says that a special soul is born in a special, Yogi family. Sant Pravar, the most special soul had to born nowhere but in the very family of the Sadguru Himself.

The spiritual merit that Sant Pravar possesses has been on display since he was a child. He was actively involved in the prachaar service since his early teenage.

Sant Pravar has taken a pious oath of taking the message of “Swarved to every single human being on earth for the absolute welfare of mankind. Sant Pravar reaches the high spiritual state where Swarved was written from. And from that platform, he explains the true essence of Swarved in his lucid, specific and engulfing “Swarved Kathamrit.

Swarved Kathamrit is all about Swarved – where the couplets of Swarved are sung in a rhythmic way with really soothing music, and the listeners get swayed away into a spiritual odyssey.

Sant Pravar often says that not knowing something is not ignorance, it is when you possess a false knowledge. Knowledge is to know something how it exactly is. With this, he goes on explaining things in wonderful details, context specific. His speeches are not diplomatic – i.e. this is right, alright that too can be right and simultaneously that one is right too. Instead, he enlightens people with precise understanding of things, everything.

TV Telecast

Again, known as the originator of Swarved Kathamrit, his exceptional capability of passing very clear concepts over the most complicated spiritual secrets has been mesmerizing and transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers in several countries. As a result, the “spiritual appetite” of people in general has increased. Today the world is curious about the Swarved. About deep spiritual secrets.It has especially been boosted by the TV telecasts on various channels. One can follow Swarved Kathamrit along with Sadguru Shri Swatantradeo Ji Maharaj’s Amritvani on Zee Jagran Channel, daily 8:30-9am, Aastha Channel daily 9:40-10:00pm and Sanskar Channel – Monday to Saturday 8:40-9 pm. The first two are also available as online stream.

Divya Vani Book

Sant Pravar’s books – Divya Vani part 1 and 2, Sant Vigyandeo Vachanamrit and Adhyatm Vigyan have raised the bar for the standard of a spiritual book. The famous Divya Vani book is translated into multiple languages.