सत्य काम | सत्य संकल्प ||

योग अनेको बन गये, यह मनमथ परपञ्च |
योग एक प्रभु मिलन का, और योग नहिं रञ्च ||05.01.08

Yōga anēkōṁ bana gayē, yaha manamatha parapañca |
Yōga ēka prabhu milana kā, aura yōga nahiṁ rañca ||05.01.08

Purport: Yoga has perverted today into all different varieties. They have all taken shape in the figment of human imagination. The yoga capable of uniting a soul with all pervading supreme soul is the only true yoga, rest all are nothing but a way to establish mind in a temporary state of physical happiness.

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