सत्य काम | सत्य संकल्प ||

The universe is filled with inert and conscious elements. With the organs of the gross body, we are able to experience inert objects however the conscious entities remain hidden from the gross organs of the body. There are infinite numbers of things happening in this universe. Surprisingly behind every action, there is a conscious entity involved. Every activity is primarily triggered by one or the other conscious being. How ignorant we are. We are yet not in position to experience conscious entities that are the cause of all actions. Unfortunately, they cannot be perceived with inert means. There are no physical tools that will make them evident to our gross organs. Conscious entities can only be realized directly through the consciousness of the soul. A true seeker of spirituality understands the importance of acquiring the ability to perceive consciousness. He knows that the true peace arrives in life only after self-realization and God realization, where self and God both are the subject of pure consciousness. All luxuries of this materialistic world together would fail to quench the human desires as the quest of the human ends only with the self and god realization. Kabir Saheb appeared on this earth to revive the lost science of consciousness. He sang various mystic bhajans to open the eyes of ignorant beings.

In one of His bhajan, he says :-

Paani me meen pyaasi mohe sun sun aawe haasi |
Atam gyaan binu nar bhatake koi mathura koi kaashi||

Kabir Saheb says – it would be a matter of great surprise if a fish in the middle of the ocean complains of being thirsty. Through the example of the fish and ocean, Saheb Kabir says that we souls are within the vast consciousness of the bliss-incarnate Lord. Soul needs the bliss of God which is available in abundance. Yet being unaware of who we truly are, what is our prime need, we ignorant being are seeking peace in something else. We would not attain the ever wanted peace unless we realize who we are, what we want. Only with the realization of the self as conscious being, we also realize that the soul is constantly seeking the bliss of God nothing else. Without the self-realization, we souls would never become happy and peaceful. Thus a soul should strive to attain the realization of the self and God. What is blocking a soul from realizing consciousness? First of all, the only possibility of realizing the consciousness is in the human being. Rest other living beings have no tools to attain the consciousness. What is so special in human beings? It is the secret tenth door which is closed and which relates to Sushmana and Kundalini. Beyond the obvious nine openings in the human body, it has a secret aperture inside Sushmana nerve which is located at the top of the head and is closed by the hood of the Kundalini. That secret opening is known as Dasham Dwaar or tenth door. It is also known as Sushman Dwaar. This tenth door is situated only in human being. Only when Kundalini slides off this door, the consciousness of the soul rises up in the Sushmana nerve and enters into the zone of consciousness. The hood of the Kundalini is blocking the soul from realizing consciousness Thus, the realization of consciousness is possible only after kundalini awakens and the consciousness of the soul flows through Sushmana nerve. Sadgurudeo talks about Sushmana Dwaar in Swarved as below:

Guha dasho dishi vyom hai, nikale dwaar samaay |
Vaise sushman dwaar hai, chadhat chadhat chadhi jaay ||

Despite the fact that the sky is all around a cave, a person hidden in the cave will not be able to experience the sky all around unless it exits from the mouth of the cave. Thus the only way for him to realize the vastness of the sky is the exit from the mouth of the cave nothing else. Similarly, the consciousness of the omnipresent God is perceived only after the consciousness of the soul exits from Sushman Dwaar or Dasham Dwaar – a secret aperture in Sushmana at the top of the head. Let us now dive little deeper into understanding what Sushmana and Kundalini is. Sushmana Within the spine of the human body runs the three secret nerves – Ingla, Pingla and Sushmana. Ingla connects to left nostril, Pingla to right nostril and Sushmana resides between the two. It starts from the region of the heart and goes out through the secret tenth door. The soul resides in the lower end of Sushmana nerve near the heart. There is a spiritual experience called “Sushman Pravaah” that means to have the flow of consciousness through the Sushmana beyond the secret tenth door. Sushman Pravaah is essential for attaining the sense of consciousness. Kundalini is a serpentine entity wrapping the spine three and half coils and spanning from Mooladhaar Chakra to Sahasraar Chakra, it keeps the tenth door closed with its hood. Kundalini is usually in dormant state and does remain still at tenth door unless it is awakened. Kundalini Awakening or Kundalini Jaagran is one great spiritual experience which is attained through yogic practice. Only when the Kundalini awakens, it slides off the door and the consciousness of the soul flows through Sushmana beyond Prakriti.

Yog yukti se sarpini, sushmann mukh tal jaay |
Urdhwa dwaar nabh ka khule, sushmann taar samaay ||

It is only through the yogic technique of Sadgurudeo that the Kundalini finally slides off the aperture of Sushmana and let the soul explore the ocean of consciousness beyond Prakriti. Upon opening the tenth door, Sushmana nerve now connects to yet another secret thread called Makar Taar. It is Makar Taar that then guides the soul to the secret 11th door – a gateway to the zone of God. Thus the subject of opening the secret tenth door is related to Kundalini Jagaran and Sushman Pravaah. Without such yogic feat, it is not possible to attain the experience of consciousness. Swarved says:

Karat karat abhyaas se, dasha sushmana aay|
Nih shwaas mein gam karei, anubhav shabd lakhaay ||

It is essential to continue the practice of Vihangam Yog to be able to attain such state of having flow in sushmana as only through regular practice, a soul uplifts its consciousness through Sushmana and goes beyond tenth door breathless to experience the pure consciousness of soul, Akshar, Sadguru and God. We are shackled in the prakriti for time immemorial as it was never an easy way to break this cycle. It requires immense blessing from Sadgurudeo.

Sushman khule yukti guru bheda |
Guru Murati bas gagan achheda ||
Khule Sushmana sadhan hoyi |
Sahaj Sahaj Nihshabd samoyi ||
Bina Sushmana sadhan dambha |
Bhataki rahe jag prakrit rambha || 6

In the light of Sadguru’s energy and with the secret technique taught by Him, the Brahma Randhra or the “tenth door” opens easily which further leads the consciousness of the soul to the abode of supreme consciousness. Without having flow in sushmana, all the practices prevalent today are destined to Prakriti and fail to break free from bondage. Hence it is essential to seek the shelter of Sadgurudeo to travel the path of peace and infinite bliss through Sushman Pravaah and Kundalini Jaagran.

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