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It is generally said that serving the mankind is one of the best ways to serve the Almighty one, God. Many philanthropists and elevated souls who have acquired proficiency in business, arts, science & technology, medicine etc. try to serve the mankind through research work, building schools, hospitals, donations and other such activities to help the people overcome their misery. Pain, sorrow and suffering are inevitable after taking birth on this planet. As Guru Nanak Ji said- “Nanak dukhiya sab sansar” (Everybody is unhappy in this world). Yet people want happiness and peace. They blame their suffering to their bad luck, some blame the external cause and some even blame God for their suffering without realizing that all sorrows are borne from their own past actions.
The question then arises as to how mankind can alleviate from their sufferings? Here there is a need to follow the teaching of our seers and sages who have found out the ways to enjoy permanent peace and happiness. All virtuous actions bring pleasure and all vicious actions bring pain. All human beings are attracted towards pleasure as pain is yet to find itself in the’ sought after’ list. The common traits in human beings and animals are sleep, food and procreation. However, human beings are blessed with an additional facility which is known as discrimination and forethought. They can differentiate between good and bad. Our ancient sages have discovered the real truth and perceived the Supreme Consciousness that is omnipresent and omnipotent. This Supreme Consciousness is the real source of happiness and bliss. Under the guidance of True Spiritual Master also known as the Sadguru, it is possible to experience permanent peace and happiness. That is why it is advised in the Kathopanishad:

“Utthisht jagrita prapya varanna bodhit Chhurasya dhara nishita durtyya durgam pathasthkavya”

This means, Wake up and find out the Spiritual Master i.e. the Sadguru and learn the science of spirituality! The path is esoteric. In this age, we are indeed fortunate to have such a great soul in human form who has proclaimed that he will alleviate the sufferings of mankind by propagating the yogic technique known as “Vihangam Yoga”. This is also known as “Brahm Vidya” or “Para Vidya”. This knowledge of Vihangam Yoga has been revived by Maharshi Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj after a long penance of 17 years in the caves of Himalayas. For the truth seekers, the best way to serve the mankind is to serve the “Sadguru” by propagating the esoteric knowledge of ‘Vihangam Yoga’. Maharshi Sadafaldeo Ji Maharaj has created an epic of spiritual knowledge known as “Swarved” which is a priceless guide to all truth seekers. He states in one of the verses of “Swarved”,

Seva uttam guna rahe, sarva ratan gun khan
Chetrum trin vatika, avamaave gun gyan n
(Swarved – 5-5-19)

For the propagators and devotees, nothing is impossible and they can experience the ultimate bliss and get rid of the birth and death cycle as stated in the following couplet:

“Sevajit uttirna ko, vishwa alabhya na hoye,
Mukti tahi peeche phirey, Sadguru sevak soye”

A person without the knowledge of Brahm Vidya remains confused and unhappy as he does not know his goal. Religious activities and worshiping must have given him short time solace but the real happiness will elude him. He has to follow the spiritual path which our sages and seers have shown. The virtues like devotion, self surrendering humility and servitude are to be inculcated within oneself for this purpose. The seekers of truth must culture the attitude of service with complete devotion and faith in the Sadguru. This will not only help in overcoming their suffering but also that of the whole mankind who are blessed by the Sadguru.

The Swarved further states:
“Sevya bhaav sevak rahe, utare bhav nidhi paar,
Anya bharam sansar mein, soojhe var na paar”

The ideal way to serve the mankind is to take a resolution, that of serving the Sadguru and serving the mankind by contributing in the propagation of the ancient knowledge of Vi hang am Yoga so that the message of true wisdom reaches out to one and all.
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