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Welcome to 21 days chanting session. This session is for your benefit. Just a little preparation from your side will maximize the benefit of this session. Can we make sure: 1. we are in a quiet place. We are sitting very comfortably with a stable body. 2. we are going to keep our mind 100% with chanting for the purification. Alright! What makes human beings special from animals are its 10 special human qualities called Human-Dharma: The patience, The forgiveness Control over Indriyas, purity, wisdom, the developed intellect, the Truth, No anger, etc. Yesterday we pondered on Patience. Our journey of transformation has already begun with an increase in patience within us. We are ready to be patient on occasions where we used to lose our patience before. The quality that will assist us further in this process is the quality of FORGIVENESS. Let us introspect – how forgiving we are. You will be amazed at how powerful forgiveness is. The outcome of true forgiveness is an immediate sense of mental peace. Let us take a pledge today that we shall do our best to forgive little mistakes of others, the mistakes of our wife, husband, son, daughters, friends, and neighbors. Feel victorious when you forgive anybody as you truly win over mind at moments when instead of getting agitated, you forgive. Let us begin the purification session with the swarved chanting.

Swarved Chanting

Krōdha vēga kō rōka lō, kṣaya kara dhadhakī āga |
Śītala śānti svabhāva hai, kṣamā karē bala jāga || 3-10-7 ||

Baṛā baṛāpana mēṁ rahē, chōṭa vighna kara bhāva |
Vidyuta jāra na sēndhu kō, baṛa kara yahī svabhāva || 3-10-8 ||

Kuñjara nija māraga calē, śrvāna bhūm ka thaki jāya |
Baṛa mēṁ kṣamā pradhāna hai, jahām kṣamā prabhu āya || 3-10-9 ||

Kṣamā jñāna tapa kōṭa hai, kṣamā śānti sukha dhāma |
Kṣamā baṛana śrr ṅgāra hai, kṣamā sādha saba kāma || 3-10-10 ||

Uttama guṇa santōṣa hai, uttama sukha taham āya |
Saba dina ēka samāna hai, ghaṭē baṛhē nahiṁ pāya || 3-10-11 ||

Viṣayōṁ sē mana ghēra lē, mana mēṁ karata vicāra |
Bhōga janma bahu bhōgiyā, dhara santōṣa adhāra || 3-10-12 ||

The mind is bound to stay cool when forgiveness is rising. Forgiveness keeps the fire of anger abated. The magnanimous hearts forgive and one with little hearts stays restless. Let us vow to enlarge our hearts and enhance peace by forgiving. Not only learn to forgive others but forgive the self too. The elephant does not get distracted by the barking of dogs on the way. The one with big hearts walks on their determined path without worrying over the barking of those with little hearts. They forgive those little barks. So do we. We vow to forgive all that is forgivable. Every morning is a new beginning of the rest of life. So, stay happy with what we have already got, start the journey fresh each day, forgiving all that happened in the past.

Concluding Message

These 21 days of chanting therapy is dedicated to the birth anniversary celebration of his holiness Sant Pravar Sri Vigyandeo ji Maharaj-

The message for today is Sant Pravar Shri Vigyan Dev Ji Maharaj is saying – In this modern world, people have confined the spirituality within the boundaries of Karma. We often regard a person as spiritual if he is indulging in good karmas. We consider that doing our work honestly and sincerely is equivalent to worshiping god. But we forget to understand that spirituality has a deep meaning. It is very vast that confining it in the limits of Karma is nothing but a true ignorance.

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