सत्य काम | सत्य संकल्प ||


Welcome to 21 days chanting session. This session is for your benefit. Just a little preparation from your side will maximize the benefit of this session. Can we make sure:
1. we are in a quiet place. We are sitting very comfortably with a stable body.
2. we are going to keep our mind 100% with chanting for the purification.

Alright! Today is the 20th day of transformation. The chanting theme for today is Anand. All humans in their own ways are leading life in the chase of happiness called Anand. There are two paths to happiness – Prey and Shrey. Prey is the result of the association with Prakriti and in Shrey it is the union of oneconsciousness with another. We have sensory organs, mind, intellect, Chitta, ego and we have been sufficiently utilizing them to gain comfort and joy in life. However, we still feel incomplete. There is one more very vital element in this human body which promises to provide infinitely greater joy in life. Life is a gift of God, to search and attain everlasting happiness (i.e. Shreyanand). Let us begin the purification session with the swarved chanting.

Swarved Chanting

प्रथम भक्ति गुरू देव की, मन वच काया साध |
सहज ज्ञान वैराग है, सब गुण साधन राध || 6-1-1||
Prathama bhakti gurū dēva kī, mana vaca kāyā sādha |
Sahaja jñāna vairāga hai, saba guṇa sādhana rādha || 6-1-1 ||

उत्कट श्रद्धा गुरू चरण, खुले सुष्मना द्वार |
यह प्रत्यक्ष परमाण है, बहु भेदी जन पार || 6-1-2 ||
Utkaṭa śrad’dhā gurū caraṇa, khulē suṣmanā dvāra |
Yaha pratyakṣa paramāṇa hai, bahu bhēdī jana pāra || 6-1-2 ||

चारों फल गुरू चरण में, चाह अमित फल पाय |
सद्गुरू जन रक्षा करें, सर्व ठाम जस आय || 6-1-3 ||
Cārōṁ phala gurū caraṇa mēṁ, cāha amita phala pāya |
Sadgurū jana rakṣā karēṁ, sarva ṭhāma jasa āya || 6-1-3 ||

प्रकटें युग युग जगत में, सार शब्द उपदेश |
विरही अनुरागी मिलैं, दुर्लभ उन आदेश || 5-10-57 ||
Prakaṭēṁ yuga yuga jagata mēṁ, sāra śabda upadēśa |
Virahī anurāgī milaiṁ, durlabha una ādēśa || 5-10-57 ||

आपा आपा मिटाय कर, गुरू कर सुयश वखान |
आरत दीन अधीन है, चरण कमल चित्त आन || 4-13-26 ||
Āpā āpā miṭāya kara, gurū kara suyaśa vakhāna |
Ārata dīna adhīna hai, caraṇa kamala citta āna || 4-13-26 ||

नहिं जीवन नहिं ज्ञान बल, केवल आश्रय सेव |
देव सदाफल वन्दहीं, नमो नमो गुरूदेव || 5-10-76 ||
Nahiṁ jīvana nahiṁ jñāna bala, kēvala āśraya sēva |
Dēva sadāphala vandahīṁ, namō namō gurūdēva || 5-10-76 ||

Interacting with physical organs gives materialistic pleasures also known as preyanand (प्रेयानंद). When the soul attains almighty, it experiences eternal happiness, the happiness that never ends. In spirituality, eternal happiness is referred to as shreyanand (श्रेयानंद). Materialistic pleasures do not last long. It ultimately leads to sorrow. True eternal happiness is experienced by the soul without physical organs. shreyanand (श्रेयानंद) remains constant and does not change with time.

Concluding Message

These 21 days of chanting therapy is dedicated to the birth anniversary celebration of his holiness Sant Pravar Sri Vigyandeo ji Maharaj- The divine message for today is –“ Ego has two companions- Hate and Envy”
The Ego never comes alone. It brings in 2 other demerits along with it – 1. Hate and 2. Envy. Together these negative virtues make our life full of suffering. Therefore, one needs to constantly introspect to make sure ego never rises within. The best way to do away with this negative virtue is to keep ourselves indulge in selfless service. Selfless service is a very effective tool to get rid of ego within us and be more humble and compassionate towards others.

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