सत्य काम | सत्य संकल्प ||


Welcome to 21 days chanting session. This session is for your benefit. Just a little preparation from your side will maximize the benefit of this session. Can we make sure:
1. we are in a quiet place. We are sitting very comfortably with a stable body.
2. we are going to keep our mind 100% with chanting for the purification.

Alright! Today is the 18th day of transformation. The chanting theme for today is Grihast Sant. There are a few questions which we should ponder within ourselves. What is more important in Life? What are the factors to balance a perfect life? As we know the five paramount of life are Health, Career, relationship, Personal, and Spiritual. Are we leading a balanced life in today’s era? In our ancient scriptures, sages talk about Grihast sant. A Grihast sant is one who lives and practices spirituality amidst all materialistic duties. Stays not in the forest, but at a home, lives not alone but with a family, and works to earn a living. Just as a beautiful lotus flower sprout in muddy waters but is never sullied by its surroundings, similarly a Family Saint lives in this materialistic world, performs all duties but is never distracted from his or her ultimate objective of achieving salvation. Let us begin the purification session with the swarved chanting.

Swarved Chanting

दूजा सन्त गृहस्थ हैं, करें गृही महँ वास |
अन्तर हरि अनुरक्त हैं, अन्तर प्रेम हुलास || 4-10-1 ||
Dūjā santa gr̥hastha haiṁ, karēṁ gr̥hī maham̐ vasa |
Antara hari anurakta haiṁ, antara prēma hulāsa || 4-10-1 ||

अन्तर त्याग विरक्त हैं, बाहर सकल पसार |
पद्म पत्र जल संग रहें, वे निर्लेप संसार || 4-10-2 ||
Antara tyāga virakta haiṁ, bāhara sakala pasāra |
Padma patra jala saṅga rahēṁ, vē nirlēpa sansāra || 4-10-2 ||

त्याग सकल जग यों करें, सब प्रभु का मम नाहिं |
मैं भी प्रभु का जनन में, सो प्रभु वस मम माहिं || 4-10-3 ||
Tyāga sakala jaga yōṁ karēṁ, saba prabhu kā mama nāhiṁ |
Maiṁ bhī prabhu kā janana mēṁ, sō prabhu vasa mama māhiṁ || 4-10-3 ||

बाहर भीतर त्याग है, सो विरक्त मम सन्त |
गृहस्थ त्याग अन्तर करें, बाहर संग्रह पन्त || 4-10-4 ||
Bāhara bhītara tyāga hai, sō virakta mama santa |
Gr̥hastha tyāga antara karēṁ, bāhara saṅgraha panta || 4-10-4 ||

बिनु विरक्त साधन नहीं, ज्ञान बिना वैराग |
अन्तर से सब त्याग है, विमल सन्त अनुराग || 4-10-5 ||
Binu virakta sādhana nahīṁ, jñāna binā vairāga |
Antara sē saba tyāga hai, vimala santa anurāga || 4-10-5 ||

कुकुही जल दरियाव में, जल कीरिड़ा जल साथ |
जल निर्लेप उड़ गगन को, सन्त गृही त्यों साथ || 4-10-6 ||
Kukuhī jala dariyāva mēṁ, jala kīriṛā jala sātha |
Jala nirlēpa uṛa gagana kō, santa gr̥hī tyōṁ sātha || 4-10-6 ||

There are two types of saints. Those who leave everything behind are called virakta sant and others are those who stay with the family but have devotion rooted deep within are called grihastha sant. Grihastha sant performs all of the worldly duties but is detached from within. They live like a lotus which grows in water but its leaves do not get wet. They do not get attached to materialistic pleasures. They believe that everything I own belongs to almighty and almighty is in my heart. Virakta sant is detached inside out. Whereas, grihastha sant is detached from within and can accumulate wealth or materialistic things to help support the family. However, they do not get engrossed in materialistic things. Without detachment, one cannot progress in meditation. The detachment itself cannot be practiced without spiritual knowledge.

Concluding Message

These 21 days of chanting therapy is dedicated to the birth anniversary celebration of his holiness Sant Pravar Sri Vigyandeo ji Maharaj- The divine message for today is – “Do not simply worship idols, worship their virtues!!”
Everyone around us is busy worshiping a variety of gods and deities. A Lot of people, in fact, spend all their life worshiping their pictures and idols. However, very few actually try to implement the virtues of these deities in their life. Therefore, Sant Pravar Shree Vigyan Dev Ji Maharaj is reminding these people not to just spend their time worshiping the idols rather focus on the virtues and make our lives as divine as these deities.

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