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Welcome to 21 days chanting session. This session is for your benefit. Just a little preparation from your side will maximize the benefit of this session. Can we make sure:
1. we are in a quiet place. We are sitting very comfortably with a stable body.
2. we are going to keep our mind 100% with chanting for the purification.

Alright! Our chanting theme for today is Purusharth-Self Effort. We are all very familiar with this term called self-effort. Just like as a young person starting has to work hard to establish himself or herself in life to grow in career, earn money, set up a family, and strive to be successful in one’s chosen field, the spiritual aspirant has to work hard to mold a strong character for an ethical and moral living which is the first step in spiritual life. Then we reach a stage where we naturally turn towards god because of spiritual orientation but in the First Stage, self-effort is very important. So, important for everyone to do the Purusharth OR self -effort and make the best use of human birth. Nobody else can do that for us we have to do it ourselves. just like if we are hungry and another person eats food for us, that will not appease our hunger. Of course we can take help from cooperation from others but the main task of self-effort (Purusharth) is for us to do so in the early stages of spiritual life. Human birth is a rare privilege because only human beings can go beyond the organic level and seek higher dimensions of life. The purpose of human birth is to get salvation. Our desire/ longing for Salvation/Liberation is also rare indeed and it means that we already have Sadhguru’s grace. We already have a small capital to start with and now it is up to us to work hard and increase it. Instead, if we don’t do anything, that little capital will dwindle almost to nothing. People who don’t put in the effort to attain freedom/salvation, are in fact committing spiritual suicide, they have this rare opportunity because of Sadhguru’s grace, but not making use of that. Let us now immerse ourselves in pure peace and bliss with the Amritvani of Swarved verses.

Swarved Chanting

ब्रह्म प्राप्ति लिये जो करे, साधन सकल उपाय |
पर पुरूषारथ जानिये, शब्द में सुरति समाय || 5-13-49 ||
Brahma prāpti liyē jō karē, sādhana sakala upāya |
Para purūṣāratha jāniyē, śabda mēṁ surati samāya || 5-13-49 ||

सेवा सद्गुरू सन्त की, अरू सत्संग विचार |
पुरूषारथ यह जीव का, जीवन जन्म सुधार || 5-13-50 ||
Sēvā sadgurū santa kī, arū satsaṅga vicāra |
Purūṣāratha yaha jīva kā, jīvana janma sudhāra || 5-13-50 ||

सेवा कर उपदेश ले, श्रवण मनन अभ्यास |
पुरूषारथ गम अगम का, परम पुरूष ढिग पास || 5-13-51 ||
Sēvā kara upadēśa lē, śravaṇa manana abhyāsa |
Purūṣāratha gama agama kā, parama purūṣa ḍhiga pāsa || 5-13-51 ||

जिवन मुक्ति हँसन मिलै, प्रथम मिलन प्रभु होय |
देव सदाफल प्रभुकृपा, कृत्यकृत्य जन होय || 5-13-52 ||
Jivana mukti ham̐sana milai, prathama milana prabhu hōya |
Dēva sadāphala prabhukr̥pā, kr̥tyakr̥tya jana hōya || 5-13-52 ||

मानव शक्तिक बाहरे, जगत काम कोइ नाहिं |
बाहर है सो पुरूष का, सर्व शक्ति जेहि माहिं || 3-2-33 ||
Mānava śaktika bāharē, jagata kāma kō’i nāhiṁ |
Bāhara hai sō purūṣa kā, sarva śakti jēhi māhiṁ || 3-2-33 ||

हीरा श्वाँस अमूल्य है, सर्ब भजन में लाव ।
व्यर्थ विषय मत खोइये, प्रभु के शरण समाव || 1-3-37 ||
Hīrā śvām̐sa amūlya hai, sarba bhajana mēṁ lāva |
Vyartha viṣaya mata khō’iyē, prabhu kē śaraṇa samāva || 1-3-37 ||

There are two levels of effort within the capability of a human being- 1. worldly and 2.spiritual. The Majority lead a materialistic life with a worldly effort of any magnitude. Few are worthy of praise for their extraordinary achievements in materialistic life. However, they are all still under the category of those who have lived with only the materialistic effort. They have worked hard to improve their life but missed to improve the spiritual bliss of soul and so remain deprived of the bliss of the Lord as well as ultimate peace that they had desired from inside. Attaining almighty is the ultimate goal of human life however it demands a special effort called Par-Purusharth. It is about going against the temptations of Mind to improve the quality of life and developing sacrifice, detachment, devotion, Love , and spiritual inclination. It begins with interests towards Seva, Sadhna, and Satsang. Par-purusharth is about going against the mind and doing what is good for the soul alone. Sadguru’s service, meditation and attending spiritual discourses provide the means to attain that goal. One should listen to and practice Sadguru’s teachings. The Soul attains salvation only after realizing almighty. The Path to salvation is not easy. However, there is nothing in this world that is beyond the reach of a human being. Beyond human capability are only those that are meant to be done by the Lord Almighty. Therefore, O fortunate human beings! wake up, recognize your potential and aim for the ultimate goal; that is to attain union with almighty. This alone will give you a “REAL MENTAL PEACE”.

Concluding Message

These 21 days of chanting therapy is dedicated to the birth anniversary celebration of his holiness Sant Pravar Sri Vigyandeo ji Maharaj- The divine message for today is – “Let us go & light a lamp where there is still darkness”. Here Sant Pravar Shri Vigyan Dev Ji Maharaj is giving a great message to every Vihangam Yoga practitioner. Let’s reach out to every soul who is still living their life in ignorance. Together we can bring a true happiness in their life by lighting up a lamp of Brahmvidya.

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