सत्य काम | सत्य संकल्प ||


Welcome to 21 days chanting session. This session is for your benefit. Just a little preparation from your side will maximize the benefit of this session. Can we make sure:
1. we are in a quiet place. We are sitting very comfortably with a stable body.
2. we are going to keep our mind 100% with chanting for the purification.

Alright! Everything in the nature is disciplined and so should we. Have we fixed our time for going to bed? Are we ensuring that we are early to bed and early to rise? Sadguru in Vihangam Yoga recommends to sleep by 10pm.The food you eat determines the mind you get. Eat Satvik in these 21 days. Trust the process. Cooperate; the inner peace and desired transformation is just 20 more days ahead. Stay determined One of the prime reason for all hassles in life is to be dis-organized. No more…The session today is dedicated to instill the sense of discipline in us. Let us begin the purification session with the swarved chanting.”

Swarved Chanting

Aśhan śhuddh priya sāttvikī, hitkar śhubh guṇ khān |
Dūdh phūl phal sulabh hai, kandamūl ras jān || 4-8-12 ||

Gēhū chāval mūng hai, laukī paraval sāg |
Yōgī kā yah pathya hai, brāhmī nīm anāg || 4-8-13 ||

Rūkhā sūkhā aśhan hai, bhiṅgā chanā jalapān |
Bhūjā ann apathya hai, tēl masāl apān || 4-8-14 ||

Madya māns mal charas jō, gañjā bhāng aphīm |
Tambākū may tyājya hai, yōg rahasya asīm || 4-8-15 ||

Bhōjan alp pramān sē, nahi adhikī nahi ghāṭ |
Sāttvik śhud’dh svabhāv mē, ālas nidrā pāṭ || 3-7-7 ||

Nidrā bhōjan niyam sē, nahi n’yūnādhik hōy |
Samay badhd sādhan chalē, saṅg sāth nahi kōy || 4-8-11 ||

“We must have discipline in Sleep, diet and purity. Sleep is an important mechanism to restore our body and mind to health. If we do not get a proper sleep, it hampers our physical health, causes lethargy, makes us feel energy less and agitated at times. It is important to plan a proper routine for sleep which is also related to our food intake, and a state of detachments from subjects. “”Sleep by 10pm”” is the message from the master of peace. The proverb in hindi says – “Jaisa Khaaye Ann, Waisa howei Mann” that means that the state of mind corresponds to the kind of food we take. Some food will lift your mood, some will excite you, some may make you lazy and some may make you feel peaceful. For a peaceful mind, we must choose meal which is less fried, Juicy ,nutritious and Satvik “.

Concluding Message

These 21 days of chanting therapy is dedicated to the birth anniversary celebration of his holiness Sant Pravar Sri Vigyandeo ji Maharaj- The divine message for today is –“ God Is One!” . The way to get it is also one!. Sadguru is also one! Focus your efforts at the root and you will accomplish everything!

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