सत्य काम | सत्य संकल्प ||


Welcome to 21 days chanting session. This session is for your benefit. Just a little preparation from your side will maximize the benefit of this session. Can we make sure:
1. we are at a quiet place. We are sitting very comfortably with stable body.
2. we are going to keep our mind 100% with chanting for the purification.
Alright! Prem is a Sanskrit word for “love”. More specifically, it refers to pure, unconditional love that leads to total devotion and surrender. Love is incessant. Where Love is true, it is only there that one can realize true devotion, true prayer and true oneness with Lord. Mental peace is also the reflection of Love. Where there is no Love, there is no mental peace at all. An egocentric person cannot conceive the inherent essence of Love. It is possible only thru complete surrender to the master. Let us delve into the melody of Swarved Chanting and flourish the fragrance of Love in our heart.

Swarved Chanting

पीले प्याला प्रेम का, मुख पर लाली आय |
प्रिय मुख ज्यों लाली पड़ी, वह छवि वरनि न जाय || 1-4-12 ||
Pīlē pyālā prēma kā, mukha para lālī āya |
Priya mukha Jyōṁ lālī paṛī, vaha chavi varani na jāya || 1-4-12 ||

सद्गुरू नियमन धीर वर, शान्त दृढ़ आसीन |
प्रेम विरह अनुराग रत, आरत दीन अधीन || 2-4-45 ||
Sadgurū niyamana dhīra vara, śānta dr̥ṛha āsīna |
Prēma viraha anurāga rata, ārata dīna adhīna || 2-4-45 ||

प्रेम निरन्तर निरतिशय, लगन भाव निस्काम |
यह तो चेतन भक्ति है, तब पावे सत्य नाम || 2-10-04 ||
Prēma nirantara niratiśaya, lagana bhāva niskāma |
Yaha tō cētana bhakti hai, taba pāvē satya nāma || 2-10-04||

कब जावों कब पहुचिहों, कब अनुभव दरशाय |
श्रद्धा उतकट प्रेम है, चढ़त निरन्तर जाय || 3-6-28 ||
Kaba jāvōṁ kaba pahucihōṁ, kaba anubhava daraśāya |
Śrad’dhā utakaṭa prēma hai, caṛhata nirantara jāya || 3-6-28 ||

योग भक्ति ऊपासना, एक अर्थ कर वाच |
अनन्य भाव प्रभु शरण में, प्रेम निरन्तर साच || 4-3-1 ||
Yōga bhakti ūpāsanā, ēka artha kara vāca |
Ananya bhāva prabhu śaraṇa mēṁ, prēma nirantara sāca || 4-3-1 ||

मन माया को त्याग कर, बैठे पुरूष दुवार |
सुमिरन प्रेम उमंग में, विरही लगन अपार || 4-8-25 ||
Mana māyā kō tyāga kara, baiṭhē purūṣa duvāra |
Sumirana prēma umaṅga mēṁ, virahī lagana apāra || 4-8-25 ||

Except unconditional love, there is no love in reality. Love is for various relationship. But the day we develop love for almighty, our life transforms. The peace and bliss suddenly rise in our heart as if it was always within, waiting for Love to blossom. With love for almighty comes all righteousness. Nothing, absolutely nothing can shake the inner peace when it is held with love for God. Just as a lover cannot bear the distance from his love, It is this love for god that reflects in our inner pursuit of happiness. Aren’t we restless all the time for happiness? It is the time to realize this fact that the happiness we are restless for is nothing but the expression of our unknown love for almighty himself. Our inner seeking of happiness satiates only by the oneness with lord. This is why one who is seeking one’s true inner love-the almighty, surrenders to God’s embodiment -the Sadguru, serves Him like lord, pleases Him and obtains the rare wisdom of Brahmavidya to realize the union with Lord Almighty. Prem or Love for Sadguru is the most important tool to move inwards in spiritual journey and thus unconditional love for the master serves as a beacon in one’s journey towards realizing the ultimate bliss of Lord.

Concluding Message

These 21 days of chanting therapy is dedicated to the birth anniversary celebration of his holiness Sant Pravar Sri Vigyandeo ji Maharaj- The divine message for today is – This nature is the creation of god. The human form is the finest creation from god, and he do love his creation. However, we can only realize his love if we have curiosity to experience it. In every field, a person needs curiosity to excel. This holds true in spirituality as well. Curiosity was the main reason behind the creation of Upanishadas in ancient India.

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