सत्य काम | सत्य संकल्प ||


Welcome to 21 days chanting session. This session is for your benefit. Just a little preparation from your side will maximize the benefit of this session. Can we make sure:
1. we are at a quiet place. We are sitting very comfortably with stable body.
2. we are going to keep our mind 100% with chanting for the purification.

Alright! The Chanting Theme for today is Seva. Seva means selfless service. The best thing about the quality of seva is that it is never alone. If you develop the quality of Seva, it also brings along Love, Sacrifice, compassion, peace, happiness and all other human virtues. The best degree of peace that one can imagine in physical life is possible only through Seva. There is another Seva – the Spiritual Seva of Sadguru which is not a charity but a purification process to awaken spiritual peace within ourselves, which is multifold more than just the mental peace. The chanting today is dedicated to draw our attention towards the spiritual service of Sadguru. One who surrenders to Sadguru, realizes what spiritual peace truly means. Therefore all peace seekers! seek Sadguru and surrender.

Swarved Chanting

सेवा सद्गुरू सन्त की, अधिकारी मन आव |
जिज्ञासू वह नाहि है, सेवक सेव्य न भाव || 5-5-14 ||
Sēvā sadgurū santa kī, adhikārī mana āva |
Jijñāsū vaha nāhi haiai, sēvaka sēvya na bhāva || 5-5-14 ||

धन काया मन वचन से, सन्त परम गुरू सेव |
आरत दीन अधीन हो, अनुगामी गुरूदेव || 5-5-1 ||
Dhana kāyā mana vacana sē, santa parama gurū sēva |
Ārata dīna adhīna hō, anugāmī gurūdēva || 5-5-1||

सद्गुरू अज्ञा नियम में, कर सिद्धान्त प्रचार |
वर्तो सहज स्वभाव में, सेवा चरण अधार || 5-5-2 ||
Sadgurū ajñā niyama mēṁ, kara sid’dhānta pracāra |
Vartō sahaja svabhāva mēṁ, sēvā caraṇa adhāra || 5-5-2 ||

सेवाजीत उत्तीर्ण को, विश्व अलभ्य न होय |
मुक्ति ताहि पीछे फिरे, सद्गुरू सेवक सोय || 5-5-7 ||
Sēvājīta uttīrṇa kō, viśva alabhya na hōya |
Mukti tāhi pīchē phirē, sadgurū sēvaka sōya || 5-5-7 ||

सद्गुरू सेवा धर्म में, शिष्य होय उत्तीर्ण |
अन्य धर्म क्या चाहिये, अन्य धर्म सब जीर्ण || 5-5-8 ||
Sadgurū sēvā dharma mēṁ, śiṣya hōya uttīrṇa |
An’ya dharma kyā cāhiyē, an’ya dharma saba jīrṇa || 5-5-8 ||

सेव्य भाव सेवक रहे, उतरे भव निधि पार |
अन्य भरम संसार में, सूझे वार न पार || 5-5-10 ||
Sēvya bhāva sēvaka rahē, utarē bhava nidhi pāra |
An’ya bharama sansāra mēṁ, sūjhē vāra na pāra || 5-5-10 ||

You and I are individual souls caught into the cycle of life and death. For several lives, we have been IGNORANTLY seeking peace and happiness in materialistic subjects; however, we have not yet experienced a true peace that we deserve. Sadguru is the blessings of Lord for human beings who descends down in this mortal land in each era to avail BrahmaVidya to the needy souls. Serving such Sadguru is the fundamental need for spiritual upliftment of soul. It is through the service of Sadguru that one breaks out of the addictions of subjects and gets ultimate mental peace. It is through His service that one becomes eligible for his blessings and it is Sadguru’s blessings that alone unfolds the conscious dimension of ultimate devotion and liberation.

Concluding Message

These 21 days of chanting therapy is dedicated to the birth anniversary celebration of his holiness Sant Pravar Sri Vigyandeo ji Maharaj. The divine message for today is – Spending entire life in taking care of  physical health & enjoying the sensual pleasures are not the only purpose of this human life. Here Sant Pravar Shri Vigyan Dev Ji Maharaj is saying – Throughout our life, we focus only on 2 things – physical fitness and worldly pleasures. However, the actual purpose of this human life is very different. Liberation from birth and death cycle the prime purpose of our life. Hence, without further delay, we must make spirituality an integral part of our life.

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