When you are puzzled with life, unclear in mind, struggling to find the destiny of life; do not worry. You are not alone. Similar questions have always bothered the human kind for time immemorial. The answer is in Swarved Kathamrit the musical gift of Sant Pravar Shri Vigyandeo Ji Maharaj that have transformed millions of lives across the world. As the divine knowledge of Swarved is getting established deeper and wider, the world is recognizing how essential spirituality is, and how it keeps us full of love & benevolence, and positively motivated. Swarved makes the ancient wisdom of India – the world’s guru – still relevant and practical today.
In year 2017, the world’s largest 21000-kund Swarved Mahayajna at Swarved Mahamandir, Varanasi witnessed more than 300 thousand seekers from all over the world.

A spiritual revolution is taking place. The Sadguru’s pledge is coming true.

Recorded version of Swarved Kathamrit :-