सत्य काम | सत्य संकल्प ||


Welcome to 21 days chanting session. This session is for your benefit. Just a little preparation from your side will maximize the benefit of this session. Can we make sure:
1. we are in a quiet place. We are sitting very comfortably with a stable body.
2. we are going to keep our mind 100% with chanting for the purification.
Alright! Maya – we have heard this term several times. Why is the sensory subjects called Maya? The chanting theme for today is Maya. Maya is not the term given to essential stuff needed in life but it is something that constantly runs in our mind and keeps our mind restless. A spiritual seeker, a true peace seeker, a bliss seeker would understand how important it is to break free from the attachment of Maya.The swarved chanting today is intended to enhance our detachment from Maya and help develop the ground for true mental peace.

Swarved Chanting

माया सींचे दुख मिलै, सिंचत बबुर में काँट |
सेवे प्रभु अमृत मिलै, सद्गुरू भव दुख काट || 1-4-49 ||
Māyā sīn̄cē dukha milai, sīn̄cata babura mēṁ kām̐ṭā |
Sēvē prabhu amr̥ta milai, sadgurū bhava dhukha kāṭa || 1-4-49 ||

मन माया मरती नहीं, नहीं वासना नाश ।
यह शरीर मरि-मरि गया, कर माया मन नाश || 1-3-32 ||
Mana māyā maratī nahīṁ, nahīṁ vāsanā nāśa |
Yaha śarīra mari-mari gayā, kara māyā mana nāśa || 1-3-32 ||

आशा तृष्णा किमि मरे, मन माया किमि नाश ।
वेन युक्ति बतलाइये, कवन मार्ग सत्य भास || 1-3-33 ||
Āśā tr̥ṣṇā kimi marē, mana māyā kimi nāśa |
Vēna yukti batalā’iyē, kavana mārga satya bhāsa || 1-3-33 ||

मैनें माया नहिं तजा, माया मुझको त्याग |
यही हाल सब जगत की, माया ममता त्याग || 2-2-45 ||
Mainēṁ māyā nahiṁ tajā, māyā mujhakō tyāga |
Yahī hāla saba jagata kī, māyā mamatā tyāga || 2-2-45 ||

मन प्रसन्न के कर्म में, माया बन्धन जान |
सन्त विवेकी नहिं करें, करें जो मन नहिं मान || 1-8-33 ||
man prasann ke karm mein, maaya bandhan jaan |
sant vivekee nahin karen, karen jo man nahin maan || 1-8-33 ||

Maya is an illusionary happiness. More we go after Maya, more it enhances craving for it. This is why it is called Maya – the illusion. One chases Maya from childhood to death hoping for an ultimate peace but it only intensifies the craving even more. The reason for this illusion is the evil mind that only fools the soul with all sensory subjects. Wise are those who follow what is right for the soul and stops becoming prey to the deceipts of Mind. The teachings of Sadguru brings real happiness to the soul. Can we really tame our mind and prepare it to stay away from Maya all by ourselves? It is easier said than done. It is in Sadguru’s shelter alone where Maya cannot enter. Therefore, all spiritual aspirants must seek and surrender to the shelter of Sadguru.

Concluding Message

These 21 days of chanting therapy is dedicated to the birth anniversary celebration of his holiness Sant Pravar Sri Vigyandeo ji Maharaj.The divine message for today is – Vihangam Yoga is An Art of Living Happily Amid Suffering. It means- There is nothing constant in this world – neither happiness nor sorrow. A person every so often cruise through variety of problems that make him feel like losing the hopes. However, when a person get on the journey of Vihangam Yog, this meditation technique gives him a great ability to handle this suffering without losing hopes. Therefore, here Sant Pravar Shri Vigyan Dev Ji Maharaj says, Vihangam Yog is an art of living happy life even when we are facing monumental challenges in our physical life.

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